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Math Champion of the Week - Iker Casillas from Spain --- Get in action and become a champion yourself!
Last week contest final standings - top 10.


Last week champion is Iker Casillas from Spain.

Yesterday contest was won by Luis Simao from Portugal.

Last week team contest was won by team The Morisons, owned by Andrew M. from Canada.

Your kid can make it to the top too. MathLanders is the only math program that allows students to enroll and compete in daily and weekly contests and measure up with other math players around the world. You don't have to wait for months for just one contest, as the current math contest programs do. With MathLanders, every day is a new contest and a new champion emerges.

In MathLanders, points are given based on the amount of work performed. The more they solve, the more they score. As such, grade 1's can compete with grade 6's and still win.

Download MathLanders A+ Trial and let your kids compete online with their friends or other MathLanders users in just a few clicks.

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Online Activities

online-icon-2Online activities with MathLanders are sure to hook your kids on math. They can compete with other MathLanders users by submitting their scores. They can enroll in individual or team competitions.

The online activities are not shown on the website. They are performed from within the program, so that only MathLanders users can have access to these activities.

Individual Competitions
Students can choose to submit their scores online and measure up with other MathLanders users in daily or weekly competitions. Standings are provided based on number of points accumulated by each student.

Correct answers are awarded certain number of points, depending on the difficulty of the solved quiz. Wrong answers are not penalized in points. Therefore, the daily and weekly competitions account only for the amount of work performed by the students, regardless of their grade, since the main purpose of the MathLanders program is to motivate students for more math work.

Team Competitions
team_competitionTeam competitions run from Monday to Sunday, each week. Students can team up with their friends, to compete against other rival teams.

During the week, the students can create their own teams, or join somebody else's team, or move from a team to another. Transfers from one team to another are allowed freely until Friday, when the teams are closed for transfers. The competition continues however until Sunday, at the end of the day.

Students contribute their own points to add them up to the overall team score. At the end of the week, the team with most number of points is declared the champion team of the week.

Messages can be exchanged between students. The messaging system is especially useful for team enrolments, when students are recruited by team owners and communication between students is necessary.

A forum is also available, on various topics, mostly related to math. All student's messages and forum entries are saved locally on student's computer for parent review.

User Privacy
online-privacy-2 User privacy during online activities is important in MathLanders. No personal information is exchanged online. Only score and program use data is sent by the user.

Even then, since MathLanders is run on users' computers rather than on the server, the online competitions are only visible within the MathLanders application, and not on the website.

About MathLanders A+

about-icon-2MathLanders A+ is a math practice software whose main purpose is to motivate students for math work. It currently covers material for grades 1 to 6, but it can be used by older students as well.

MathLanders A+ is continuously being upgraded with more material and features. Registered users can upgrade anytime to the latest version for free.

Math Material
Material covered by MathLanders includes number sense and numeration, counting, rounding, place value, additions and subtractions, multiplications, divisions, fractions, mixed operations, equations, whole and decimal numbers and more.

It also contains thousands of math word problems to enhance students' critical thinking and logic skills.

MathLanders A+ Design
MathLanders has been very carefully designed such that its math modules are categorized upon up to 5 different criteria, each involving a different reasoning aspect related to the same type of quiz. Each of these five categories then contains multiple levels of difficulty.

MathLanders A+ Upgrades
We are continuously working to improve and enhance MathLanders. New features and quiz modules are being added to the program, and we expect new enhanced versions to be released about every month.

Registered MathLanders A+ users can upgrade to new versions of MathLanders for free. If you purchased MathLanders and lost the download link we provided to you upon purchasing, you can request it by email at and we will send you another one immediately.

We alternatively release patches to apply on installed versions of MathLanders to upgrade to the latest version of the program.

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MathLanders Support

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Customer Service
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